The Journey Inward

The Journey InwardĀ®

FeldenkraisĀ® Personal Training



Customized Study Programs

This guided study is available to anyone considering joining ourĀ 880-hour professional training as well as anyone interested in getting support for a personal practice that allows them access to the unique advantages of the Feldenkrais MethodĀ®.

Professional Prerequisites

We are very interested in providing a high level educational environment for trainees of the Santa Fe 6 training program. A contributing factor to this quality is to have a prerequisite of sufficient experience of the Feldenkrais Method before entering the training on the first day. To this end we provide a variety of options. To engage in this process we start with an evaluation via a free consultation. With this interview we will decide if guidance for study is needed. If there is a need and interest, we can then decide on a customized program to help engage you in your studies. Possible study elements can include: classes with a local FeldenkraisĀ® Practitioner; home audio lessons; keeping a study log with periodic check-ins with staff via phone, email, skype; etc.

Personal Study

Many people find it challenging to continue their Feldenkrais practice at home.Ā Finding or getting to classes can also be a deterrent to engaging in an Awareness Through Movement lesson. We are offering an alternative that helps you carve out time at home alone or with friends. There are a variety of materials – audio, video and written ā€“ which can be used in conjunction with guidance and online interaction ā€“ via skype etc. Because of varied desires and preferences by individuals, it is now possible to get help and continued support by engaging in a customized study program. If you are interested, please make an appointment for an initial free consultation.

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