The Journey Inward

The Journey Inward®

Feldenkrais® Personal Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I become a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner by taking these courses?

No, although this training will give you skills for your personal and professional life. Many who are in the field of helping professionals or teachers of any kind will find they automatically begin to incorporate what they learn into what they are already doing.

Is this considered a therapy group?

No, our emphasis in the Feldenkrais Method is for each individual to have learning experiences that are very unique to their personal needs. That being said, the learning that is possible in a group like The Journey Inward is not the same as studying home alone. The group provides a synergistic container that augments the learning for each participant.

Will this training issue a certificate for continuing education units?

Certificates to document the hours you spend studying Feldenkrais will be issued to those who can use the hours for professional CEUs.

Do I need previous experience in Feldenkrais to take The Journey Inward training?

The courses offered by The Journey Inward do not require previous experience. These intensive courses are designed so you can immerse yourself in the Feldenkrais Method for a deep learning of what it has to offer.

Do I need to take courses in a certain order?

No, the courses each have a theme and stand alone. Stand alone meaning, the topic of the courses are doorways into the method and each one you attend will take you deeper into your understanding of the method and yourself.

How do people apply what they learn at the courses?

This depends completely on the individual. First and foremost, people develop tools for a variety of life experiences. These experiences can be completely personal or can be personal and professional.