The Journey Inward

The Journey Inward®

Feldenkrais® Personal Training

The Journey Inward – Mindful Movement

The Journey Inward is a journey towards self-discovery, connecting mind and body. Although physical movement is improved through this method, it is just the beginning. People who have experienced this work experience change in the realms of:

  • healing, health and well being
  • creativity, insights and inspiration,
  • increased energy and ease of movement,
  • improved breathing and posture.

We use Awareness Through Movement® lessons* to guide you into your sensory experience, accessing the intelligence of your nervous system. We use the broad scope of the method’s origins and current research for stimulating discussions. Besides movement and discussions, time will be given for personal reflection via writing and/or drawing, depending on individuals’ interests. Learning will happen at many levels and you will walk away with useful life tools. Upgrading your relationship with yourself will influence all of your relationships, personal and professional. Professional applications vary greatly depending on the individual’s interest.

Course Themes

There is a constant flow of interesting themes being offered. Sometimes the theme will relate to body parts, other times there will be a focus on an activity. There can also be an emphasis on the psychological or philosophical aspects of the human experience. Regardless of the theme, all courses will be grounded in Feldenkrais movement sequences. Be sure to sign up to receive updates.

*Awareness Through Movement®, designed by Dr. Feldenkrais, gives you access to a rare kind of genius. His life as a physicist, engineer and judo master contributed greatly to his brilliant method. His broad interest in the human condition led him to study many systems including: psychology, physiology, philosophy, movement, acupuncture, child development, learning theory, anatomy, neurology, sexuality, hypnosis, Alexander Technique, Gurdjief Work and Rolfing, to name a few.

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