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Applying Curiosity with the Feldenkrais Method®


The Journey Inward Feldenkrais® Workshop

Topic: Applying Curiosity with the Feldenkrais Method®

These 13 Awareness Through Movement® lessons were taught live in a 4-day workshop entitled Applying Curiosity with the Feldenkrais Method® taught by Diana Razumny in Santa Fe NM in September of 2019.

The series of lessons in this workshop started with a talk, accessing the somatic experience of curiosity and an exploration of applying curiosity to a handshake. There is a good amount of imagination in these lessons to show how curiosity is related to our imagination and creativity. Many of the lessons involve movement of the arms, sensing the connection of the shoulder girdle to the torso and the movement theme of twisting. For practitioners of the method, there are references to the sources of lessons. (AY=Alexander Yanai) Enjoy the journey!

Download includes:

  • Track 1 – Guided Movement: Getting curious with hand shakes [24 min]
  • Track 2 – ATM Lesson #1 Measuring lengths (Esalen#30) [56 min]
  • Track 3 – ATM Lesson #2 Extend arms overhead & behind back, tilting legs/pelvis, on back (AY#121) [63 min]
  • Track 4 – ATM Lesson #3 Spinal chain (Basic) [45 min]
  • Track 5 – ATM Lesson #4 Bridging, part 1 (AY#439) [58 min]
  • Track 6 – ATM Lesson #5 Sensing spine, C7, shoulder girdle, pelvis, sitting & lying (AY#136) [44 m]
  • Track 7 – ATM Lesson #6 Rolling head between hands (AY#45) [53 min]
  • Track 8 – ATM Lesson #7 Circling top arm in sidelying (San Francisco) [51 min]
  • Track 9 – ATM Lesson #8 Upper back pelvic clock (AY#83) [56 min]
  • Track 10 – ATM Lesson #9 Circling the arm overhead for rolling [21 min]
  • Track 11 – ATM Lesson #10 Bridging, part 2, head through the gap, on back (AY#439) [56 min]
  • Track 12 – ATM Lesson #11 Circling the bottom arm, on side (Amherst 1980) [46 min]
  • Track 13 – ATM Lesson #12 Flexion, bring elbows & knees together (San Francisco) [50 min]
  • Track 14 – ATM Lesson #13 Lifting arms & legs, on back & belly (ATM Book, Lesson #3) [40 min]

*The discussions and visual presentations were removed to create an easy format for doing this ATM series. Because of the live nature of the recordings you will occasionally hear a discussion reference. Designed to be done in order for the first time around.