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Enliven your Practice with the Feldenkrais Method®


These 12 Awareness Through Movement® lessons were taught live in a 4-day workshop entitled Enliven Your Practice through the Feldenkrais Method® taught by Diana Razumny in Santa Fe NM in September of 2017.

These lessons are woven together in a way that highlights the breath, eyes and imaginary lines. The use of the eyes and lines cultivates the powerful tool of the imagination that is fundamental to this method. The overarching theme of the 4-day workshop was finding ways to bring the learning into daily and specialized activities. This wide variety of lessons were taken from the Awareness Through Movement book by Dr. Feldenkrais; some that he taught in Tel Aviv on Alexander Yanai Street; and from his Amherst and Esalen trainings. One lesson is taught via recording by the late Dennis Leri. And one of the eye lessons is taken from the late Jack Hegge’s series.

Download includes:

  • Track 1 – ATM Lesson #1 Bones, joints & 5 line scan [33 min]
  • Track 2 – ATM Lesson #2 Eyes, head, pelvis, rolling up/down, on back [48 m]
  • Track 3 – ATM Lesson #3 5 lines meet flexors [62 min]
  • Track 4 – ATM Lesson #4 Exhaling, pulling belly in, varied positions [57 min]
  • Track 5 – ATM Lesson #5 Tapping head & shoulders with 5 lines [50 min]
  • Track 6 – ATM Lesson #6 4 points #1 [52 min]
  • Track 7 – ATM Lesson #7 Lengthening the hamstrings [66 min]
  • Track 8 – ATM Lesson #8 Continuous eyes with tilting crossed legs [71 min]
  • Track 9 – ATM Lesson #9 4 points #2 [48 min]
  • Track 10 – ATM Lesson #10 Sitting rotation [50 min]
  • Track 11 – ATM Lesson #11 Standing, shifting on heels, with breath [29 min]
  • Track 12 – ATM Lesson #12 5 lines with water hoses [39 min]

*The discussions and visual presentations were removed to create an easy format for doing this ATM series. Because of the live nature of the recordings you will occasionally hear a discussion reference. Designed to be done in order