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Experience the Magic of the Feldenkrais Method®

Santa Fe Night Sky

These 11 Awareness Through Movement® lessons were taught live in a 4-day workshop entitled Experience the Magic of the Feldenkrais Method® taught by Diana Razumny in Santa Fe NM in June of 2017.

This lesson series (and the discourse not recorded) helped participants appreciate the magical qualities of learning and improving human movement. The movement theme of twisting was explored through a wide variety of lessons including classics from the Awareness Through Movement® book by Dr. Feldenkrais and those less traveled from the body of work Dr Feldenkrais taught in Tel Aviv on Alexander Yanai Street.

Download includes:

  • Track 1 – ATM Lesson #1 Cross-leg tilt, on back [76 min]
  • Track 2 – ATM Lesson #2 Sitting rotation [51 min]
  • Track 3 – ATM Lesson #3 Lifting shoulders & hips [53 min]
  • Track 4 – ATM Lesson #4 Side-lying, lifting straight arm [35 min]
  • Track 5 – ATM Lesson #5 Tilting bent legs, on front [50 min]
  • Track 6 – ATM Lesson #6 Twisting on side, teeter tottering between arm & leg with seesaw breathing [62 min]
  • Track 7 – ATM Lesson #7 Butt walking [39 min]
  • Track 8 – ATM Lesson #8 Balancing on roller along spine [41 min]
  • Track 9 – ATM Lesson #9 Twisting from front up to sidesit [56 min]
  • Track 10 – ATM Lesson #10 Tilting knees in sitting, rolling across belly [34 m]
  • Track 11 – ATM Lesson #11 Lengthening arms, 1 up & 1 down, tilting pelvis, on back [37 min]

*The discussions and visual presentations were removed to create an easy format for doing this ATM series. Because of the live nature of the recordings you will occasionally hear a discussion reference. Designed to be done in order for the first time around.