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Immersion in the Feldenkrais Method®


These 12 Awareness Through Movement® lessons were taught live in a 4-day workshop entitled Immersion in the Feldenkrais Method® taught by Diana Razumny in Santa Fe NM in March of 2017.

 This series of lessons encouraged a strong connection with self using the tools of imagination and breath. There is a strong theme of the Self Image, including students reading a lecture by Moshe Feldenkrais on the topic (not included). It can be found in the Alexander Yanai lesson #303. Along with self-image comes the minor themes of the face and lines. These lessons may be challenging for the novice, although those new to the method during this workshop experienced powerful results. For those of you seasoned in ATM lessons will likely find them deep and delicious.

 Download includes:

  • Track 1 – ATM Lesson #1 Breathing, holding the exhale [55 min]
  • Track 2 – ATM Lesson #2 Rolling the ball #1, on diagonal [49 min]
  • Track 3 – ATM Lesson #3 Rolling the ball #2, arm & leg lifted [30 min]
  • Track 4 – ATM Lesson #4 Breathing, equalizing nostrils [40 min]
  • Track 5 – ATM Lesson #5 Rolling the ball #3, head to tail [59 min]
  • Track 6 – ATM Lesson #6 Spinal twist with self hug [52 min]
  • Track 7 – ATM Lesson #7 Imagining the face [37 min]
  • Track 8 – ATM Lesson #8 Rolling the ball #4, hand to hand [64 min]
  • Track 9 – ATM Lesson #9 Lower jaw, tongue & teeth [27 min]
  • Track 10 – ATM Lesson #10 Movement of opposition [65 min]
  • Track 11 – ATM Lesson #11 Taking the head to knee, on front [60 min]
  • Track 12 – ATM Lesson #12 Seesaw breathing with a twist [21 min]

*The discussions and visual presentations were removed to create an easy format for doing this ATM series. Because of the live nature of the recordings you will occasionally hear a discussion reference. Designed to be done in order for the first time around.