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More Balance: Working with Eyes and Rollers


The Journey Inward Feldenkrais®Workshop

Topic: More Balance: Working with Eyes and Rollers

These 13 Awareness Through Movement® lessons were taught live in a 4-day workshop entitled More Balance: Working with Eyes and Rollers taught by Diana Razumny in Santa Fe NM in June of 2018.

 This series of lessons (and the discourse not recorded) explored how our vestibular system, vision and proprioception are intimately interconnected and contribute to our ability to move with more ease and grace. The use of the eyes and rollers were incorporated into the Awareness Through Movement® lessons to amplify the impact on balance. Sizes of the 6 rollers that were used: 3 three-foot long rollers- diameters of 6 & 4 inches. One 6” was a full circle, one sliced in half length-wise. And then the same with 3 one-foot long rollers. If you are interested in this series and you don’t want to buy all 6 rollers, it is possible to adapt by only having the 3 three-foot long. If you are a Feldenkrais Practitioner, you will find these lessons very applicable for using in Functional Integration lessons.

 Download includes:

  • Track 1 – ATM Lesson #1 Feet & ankles rocking on half roller [77 min]
  • Track 2 – ATM Lesson #2 Sitting on chair on roller & half roller under feet [51 min]
  • Track 3 – ATM Lesson #3 Lying on roller, tilting triangle arms, 1 foot on half roller [32 min]
  • Track 4 – ATM Lesson #4 Sitting on chair, sidebending on roller [35 min]
  • Track 5 – ATM Lesson #5 Sidebending on back, sliding arm-head to side [58 min]
  • Track 6 – ATM Lesson #6 Pelvic clock, on floor & lying on roller [59 m]
  • Track 7 – ATM Lesson #7 Turning palms on floor, sitting plus on heands & knees [54 min]
  • Track 8 – ATM Lesson #8 Bridging arm on wall and on floor [24 min]
  • Track 9 – ATM Lesson #9 On all fours, swinging legs to sidesitting[51 min]
  • Track 10 – ATM Lesson #10 Roll to sit holding leg [49 min]
  • Track 11 – ATM Lesson #11 Rolling the head, sitting and standing [33 min]
  • Track 12 – ATM Lesson #12 Pelvic clock in many positions, plus rollers [38 min]
  • Track 13 – ATM Lesson #13 From all fours to frog jumping [24 min]

*The discussions and visual presentations were removed to create an easy format for doing this ATM series. Because of the live nature of the recordings you will occasionally hear a discussion reference. Designed to be done in order for the first time around.