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The Journey InwardĀ®

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Developing Sense, Sensing Your Development

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Much of influence on Moshe Feldenkrais in developing his method was his study and curiosity of how babies move and develop movement skills that take them from sucking for nourishment to standing, walking, running and playing. It was his own intense curiosity about life in general that enabled Dr. Feldenkrais to see the inherent part curiosity plays in learning. It is curiosity and learning that facilitates a baby in finding its way through incredible possibilities while exploring the degrees of freedom in the human skeleton. That same curiosity is what often captures human attention and affection while watching a kitten get absorbed for long periods by a slight movement of something that catches their eye.

Curiosity is something cultivated as people are guided in Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons to rediscover developmental movements that we explored as babies.Ā Revisiting the vivid sensuality we had as babies through slowing down and attending to small movements is a start towards sensing some of those early movements we explored. Those early movements served as building blocks towards all human movement.

Growing up, life experiences begin to shape us such that some of those building blocks become distorted and serve us less well. The Journey Inward is a place you can begin to uncover the roots of movement and grow new possibilities.

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